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There are many ways to apply paint, each one suited to a particular job. Industrial Coatings are often applied on a production line, be it automatic or manual. Drying is often achieved by accelerated curing involving heat, surface catalysts or radiation.

Wagner Industrial Coating Applications

In general, spray methods use specially designed guns to atomize paint into a fine spray. For industrial applications, the paint is typically pressurised and fed to the spray gun using compressed air. Traditionally, hand-held or automated guns (mounted on a mechanical control arm) have been used to apply liquid paints to metal substrates.

“Improvements in transfer efficiency can lead to less paint waste and lower emissions of VOCs. Transfer efficiency is the amount of paint solids deposited on an object, as a proportion of the paint used – Any lost paint is therefore called overspray.

The correct equipment selection, for the job required, is imperative as paint usage can be dramatically reduced with a little forward thinking. Our expertise covers all manner of industrial applications and all industries including Plastics, Woodworking, Steel and Automotive.”

We offer a range of systems to cater for most requirements, to suit Single, Twin and Triple Component coatings. We will ensure that your equipment is well maintained to provide full value for your investment. Also, the availability of our extensive demonstration and hire fleet means that, should you need temporary additional equipment, just one call is all you need!!

Material Feed & Application Methods

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