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Gravity Guns

Anest Iwata Gravity HIGH T.E.C. spray guns have been developed to meet the requirements of the Environmental protection Act and to provide excellent atomisation with all paint materials, also developed to meet the requirements of this act. HIGH T.E.C. spray guns improve your paint finishing, reduce your painting costs and increase the profitability of your painting operation.

What sets HIGH T.E.C. apart from other systems is the incredible Transfer Efficiency: in independent tests carried out by MIRRC THATCHAM, efficiencies of up to 95% were achieved (depending on material and gun model), far higher than the minimum 65% required by the EPA. HIGH T.E.C.


  • Superior Transfer Efficiency
  • Developed for use with high solid and water based coatings.
  • Light easy to clean gun body.
  • Low noise levels and low consumption.
  • Available in centre feed gravity, side feed gravity, suction and pressure feed.

Gravity Gun Range