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The innovative Wagner AirCoat Guns employ brand new AirCoat atomization process to produce the finest finishing results ever. In the AirCoat process the material is forced through the nozzle at a relatively low pressure by a piston or diaphragm pump. Compressed air is used to assist in the atomisation process. This is possible thanks to the central air supply (air cap) that is located directly at the nozzle aperture and surrounds the sprayed material like an envelope.

Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd - Wagner AirCoat Action

“The right combination of Airless and Air Spray technology together, results in AirCoat technology. Power and Control together for superior performance and finishing results, along with high productivity, soft spray pattern and very high transfer efficiency.”

AirCoat combines the advantages of both, Airless and AirSpray resulting in premium surface quality, high transfer efficiency and fast application speed. Ideal for a very wide range of applications from wood finishing to industrial vehicle and metal construction coating.

  • Airless technology provides “Power”: fast application speed, low overspray and high transfer efficiency.
  • AirSpray technology provides “Control”: easy and precise adjustments of the atomizing air and of the fan width, for maximum application versatility and finishing quality. Ideal for a very wide range of applications from wood finish to industrial vehicle and metal construction coating. Fluid pressure up to 250 bar and air pressure up to 2.5 bar.

We can supply both manual and automatic guns to suit your set up and requirements. Also, the availability of our extensive stock of hire equipment means that, should you need temporary additional equipment, just one call is all you need!!

AirCoat Guns & Equipment