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Wagner EvoMotion Range

The Wagner EvoMotion range are a compact painting unit for top quality finish, making it an all round system for joinery manufacturers. The Fluid section is constructed entirely of stainless steel, therefore suits both Solvent and water based paints.

Fine finish quality, with minimal overspray. Ideal for Airless and AirCoat applications up to 320 bar and 0.9 L/min.


  • High Efficiency – The EvoMotion air motors have excellent staying power and are very efficient at converting air pressure to a high delivery rate. The motor is very low maintenance and does not require pneumatic oil.
  • Low Operating Costs – The piston and cylinder are made entirely of stainless steel and, together with the self-adjusting packings, provide for a long pump service life.
  • Powerful – The high pressure ratio provides a low pulsation material flow and brilliant atomisation even with greater hose lengths.
  • Easy Cleaning – Due to the optimised inlet and outlet valves and also a self adjusting packing system the pump can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

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