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Modular spraying systems without compromise – Low-pressure spraying uses a high volume of air and low air pressure. With the FineSpray method, the material is atomised with air at the outlet of the nozzle. The low pressure of the material, along with the high volume of air, ensures slightly larger material droplets and therefore less spray mist.

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The atomised air, generated in the turbine, flows through an air hose to the paint container at spray gun, where it then builds up pressure. This delivers the coating material through the standpipe to the nozzle and atomises it with the remaining air.

Using the HVLP and XVLP Spraying system (consisting of a turbine and various spraying attachments), means varnishes, standard lacquers, high-viscosity lacquers, water-based and Solvent-based paints, can all be applied to a professional standard.

HVLP & XVLP Turbine Systems