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Electrostatic technology exploits the electrostatic effect that is obtained thanks to the physical principle of ionisation. An electrostatic field is generated between the electrode and the grounded work piece. The paint particles are then charged and attracted by the grounded object. This wrap-around effect increases the efficiency up to 65% compared to non-electrostatic systems, saves time, money and, depending on the object, it may only need to be coated from one side.

Wagner GM5000 Electrostatic Aircoat Gun


  • Electrostatic technology – High transfer efficiency for maximum time and product savings. Perfect surfaces, excellent wrap around as well as fast return on investment are some of the highlights of the new GM5000 electrostatic manual gun, offering decisive advantages in many areas of the industry.
  • High surface quality – Due to the perfect alignment of the electrostatic field lines, the film thickness is extremely uniform. In addition, particles charged with the same polarity improve, significantly, the atomization power for creating an excellent surface finishing.
  • Time savings due to wrap around effect – The paint, which is electrostatically charged by the spray gun, is attracted to all sides of the grounded object. This wrap-around effect saves time, and depending on the object, it may only need to be coated from one side.
  • Light weight and the perfect ergonomically design; the guns are the lightest guns within their class and offer excellent handling for fast and fatigue-free working. Recipes set at the control unit can be selected directly at the gun.

Electrostatic GM5000 Gun Range & VM Controllers