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Semi Professional

Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd can provide products of a high technical quality for all demands. The unique and affordable Wagner Semi Professional Project Pro range and Q-Tech units bridge the gap between serious DIY and Professional sprayers.

Our semi professional range features products that are ideal for serious DIYers, handymen, property managers or part-time painters and decorators who require the capacity and performance of a trade unit for occasional spraying or for several large DIY projects each year.

Wagner Semi Professional Airless Spray Systems

They provide a simple entry point for people with limited spray application knowledge, or perfect as a second pump for occasional, smaller projects. Engineered to give the user maximum performance, versatility and reliability all year round. These Semi Pro units can spray all popular water and solvent based materials easily and professionally.

From Emulsion, Gloss, Enamels, Acrylics, Lacquers and Stains, right through to corrosion protection, the Wagner Semi Professional Project Pro 117/119, Control Pro HEA and Q-Tech QP-19 are perfect for large surface areas and incredibly easy to use, robust, fast and reliable, these powerful tools are compact enough to fit in a car boot.

Tip Sizing & Gun Filters

Choosing the correct tips and filters can be a little confusing, due to a wide range of nozzle shapes and sizes. The tip is selected depending on the viscosity of the paint and width of fan pattern required. We hope the guide below will aid your tip selection but, as always, please feel free to telephone for verbal advice.

The average distance from the tip to the object is about 6 to 10 inches (15–25 cm). When spraying and moving back and forth over the surface, each stroke should be overlapping the previous to ensure a continuous coat.

Atomization is created be by the material being forced to go through the small hole (Orifice) of the tip under high pressure. This process atomises the paint in a controlled fan width and flow rate.

Tip Angle & Orifice Diameter





The first digit on the tip indicates the nozzle angle. It is also used as a guide to determine the fan width, simply double the number

2 = 20° 4 Inches

3 = 30° 6 Inches

4 = 40° 8 Inches

5 = 50° 10 Inches

6 = 60° 12 Inches

The second two digits indicate the orifice diameter. This helps regulate material flow which determines the amount of paint applied.


13 = 0.013″ (13 thou)

15 = 0.015″ (15 thou)

17 = 0.017″ (17 thou)

19 = 0.019″ (19 thou)

Stains & Enamels




180 mesh
Gloss & Primer



100 mesh
Emulsions & Smooth Masonry



50 mesh

**Please note, maximum tip size for our semi-professional equipment is 0.019”, 19 thou**

Semi Pro Airless