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Unic Equipment

Unic International Ltd is an UK manufacturer of Spray Gun Cleaners, Solvent Recyclers, Can / Drum Crushers, Paper Compactors, Decorators Cleaners and Paint Can Washers. Their aim is “to manufacture quality waste management and cleaning products that have both an economical and environmental benefit to customers”. From the basic unit to the top of the range, quality components have been used to give professional painters the operational choices that enables them to clean their spray guns efficiently. Peace of mind with Unic’s 5 year worldwide pump warranty and full certification with the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive.

Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd - Unic International Equipment

Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd authorised reseller of the Award Winning Unic International range of Spray Gun cleaning machines and equipment. The Unic International range of gun cleaners have been designed to give operators a choice of facilities, whilst also ensuring basic quality features are consistent throughout the range. The robust construction of Unic’s Spray gun cleaners, featuring air extraction, stainless steel wash tanks and brass distribution bars, makes these units suitable for both solvent and water based cleaning agents. A powerful air operated, diaphragm pump delivers up to 20ltrs/min with an air input pressure of 40-100psi. This ensures a high volume of solvent is delivered through the spray jet nozzles and optimises the cleaning performance.

Unic Workshop Equipment