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Unic Can Crushers

Unic International Ltd is an UK manufacturer of Spray Gun Cleaners, Solvent Recyclers, Can / Drum Crushers, Paper Compactors, Decorators Cleaners and Paint Can Washers. Their aim is “to manufacture quality waste management and cleaning products that have both an economical and environmental benefit to customers”. From the basic unit to the top of the range, quality components have been used to give professional painters the operational choices that enables them to clean their spray guns efficiently. Peace of mind with Unic’s 5 year worldwide pump warranty and full certification with the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive.

Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd - Unic Can Crushers

Unic range of pneumatic Can Crushers will crush from 1ltr to 50ltr cans. All crushers are equipped with a double acting pneumatic cylinder with a force from 865kg to 2500kg at 7bar. As a safety feature the door cannot be opened while crushing is in progress. For larger 200ltr barrels there is the electro hydraulic 200litre barrel crusher.

The new aerosol crusher is designed to help crush and dispose of waste aerosols. The UAC20 crusher, crushes, pierces and filters the waste gases from the waste aerosols. Waste aerosols can be recycled simply and safely by using this aerosol recycling machine.

Unic Can Crushing Equipment