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Wood, MDF & Metal Finishing

Perfect surfaces for valuable individual pieces. In most joiner’s, carpenter’s and locksmith’s businesses it is a matter of genuine workmanship. This is where individual furniture, windows, doors, stairs, railings and much more are created and a perfect surface finish is required.

Our range of pumps and equipment means we can provide the right equipment to meet the highest demands with particularly fine material atomisation. The range of Wagner equipment also includes equipment and devices that are explosion-proof and can therefore also be used in paint booths.

Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd - Wood & Metal Finishing

Our experience, and access to reliable information and airless spray equipment, ensures we are in the ideal position to recommend the right equipment for your needs. This ensures that your equipment is well maintained to provide full value for your investment. Also, the availability of our extensive stock of hire equipment means that, should you need temporary additional equipment, just one call is all you need!!

Wood, MDF & Metal Finishing Products