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Conventional (AirSpray)

Conventional spray guns have not changed much for 60 years or so. Spray guns were developed out of the need for efficiency over brushing and rolling.  These guns use high pressure air to break up a stream of paint as it exits the tip of the gun. Original designs relied on suction for fluid delivery. Modern coatings require pressure or gravity feed for the correct flow and atomization.

Conventional Air Spray produces a smooth finish, and can be used on many surfaces. It offers the best control of spray pattern and the best degree of atomization. This system produces the finest atomization and, therefore, the finest finishes. It also sprays the widest range of coating materials. However, this method produces a great deal of overspray, resulting in low transfer efficiencies and uses large amounts of compressed air.

Yorkshire Spray Services Conventional Spray

Low pressure – For high quality finishesThe atomization air at low pressure is one of the most used technologies in the industrial sector. Ideal in many areas, finishes for the wood industry, commercial vehicles and the general carpentry manufacturing.

Conventional Airspray lays claim to two basic advantages over the other methods;-

Control – This is the most controllable process available. The spray operator, when properly trained, can control the spray pattern from a fine dot to a large production-type spray pattern. This permits the spraying of small or large areas without changing guns or nozzles. Also, the degree of atomization can be controlled. This process provides the finest degree of atomization available in a hand-held system. Needless to say, it is the choice for those who want the best quality finish possible.

Versatility – This process affords the operator the ability to spray the widest range of coating materials. It is also the easiest system to operate and maintain. The paint emerges from an orifice (nozzle Material) and is hit by a series of air jets that cause the separation into tiny particles.

Anest Iwata – A manufacturer of Air Compressors and quality Spray Equipment since 1926, has been actively involved in the spray equipment industry in the United States since the late 1980’s.

As a main distributor for Anest Iwata we can provide high quality equipment from the HIGH T.E.C. range of spray guns which help improve your paint finishing, reduce your painting costs and increase the profitability of your painting operation.

Conventional (AirSpray) Guns