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Airless Spray Equipment

Airless spray application provides a high-quality finish, with greater productivity, to complete the job faster, maximising revenue. In airless spray technology paint is drawn into the gun and pressurised, it is then forced through a small orifice (the spray tip) causing it to atomise. A piston pump delivers paint to the surface using high pressure, caused by the up and down stroke movements of the piston. There is very little overspray created because no air is used in this atomisation process. Ensures fast application speed and high transfer efficiency. Whether your project is simply a fence, garage, or a full-scale commercial estate, we have an airless sprayer designed and built for your needs.

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The Painting and Decorating Contractor needs to make money and a good way to help is to maximise productive time. The best way, where possible, is to use airless spray. We are perfectly suited to recommend the correct equipment for the job required. With our large demonstration and hire fleet, we are able to cater for all your needs.

Our experience, and access to reliable information and airless spray equipment, ensures we are in the ideal position to recommend the right equipment for your needs. This ensures that your equipment is well maintained to provide full value for your investment. Also, the availability of our extensive stock of hire equipment means that, should you need temporary additional equipment, just one call is all you need!! We are always happy to recommend the correct airless equipment for the job required.

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