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Anest Iwata W400

As a main distributor for Anest Iwata we can provide high quality equipment from the HTE and HIGH T.E.C. range of spray guns which help improve your paint finishing, reduce your painting costs and increase the profitability of your painting operation.

Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd - Anest Iwata Authorised Service Centre & Distributor

Product Description

Anest Iwata W400 High TEC Spray Gun – Low air volume for Primers, Base Coats and Lacquers. Specially designed for atomising water based coatings, this spray gun also allows a very fine atomisation of solvent based paints, with an exceptionally High Transfer Efficiency according to European legislation. Ideal for spray painting in the body shop sector. 


Centre post gravity feed spray gun with high transfer efficiency control and superior atomization.

  • Less overspray = less wastage

    Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd - Anest Iwata W400 High TEC Gun

    Anest Iwata W400 High TEC Gun

  • Fine atomisation spray pattern
  • Better paint coverage & faster operation
  • Light weight ergonomic design & Gun head weight 380g
  • Suitable for both Solvent & Water Based Coatings
  • Easy to clean chrome body
  • Ideal for medium to large paint jobs in the auto refinish industry
  • Complete with 600ml Pot

Certificate of Compliance issued by THATCHAM certifies that  “Transfer Efficiency” achieved with the materials detailed in the test report were:

Two Coat System
Primer : 92.0 %
Solid Colour: 76.9%<
System: 84.5%

Three Coat System
Primer : 92.0%
Basecoat: 76.9%
Clear Lacquer: 74.7%
System: 81.0%

Technical Data

Part No. Fluid Nozzle Size [mm] Air Pressure@ Gun Inlet [bar] Air Consumption [l/min] Fluid Output [ml/min] Fan Pattern [mm] Cap # Pot Type / Size
W400122GC 1.2 2 280 100 175 LV2 PCG.6PM / 600ml
W400132GC 1.3 2 280 160 225 LV2 PCG.6PM / 600ml
W400142GC 1.4 2 280 210 255 LV2 PCG.6PM / 600ml
W400162GC 1.6 2 280 240 270 LV2 PCG.6PM / 600ml
W400182GC 1.8 2 290 320 260 LV1 PCG.6PM / 600ml
W400202GC 2 3 360 460 350 R2 PCG.6PM / 600ml
W400251GC 2.5 2 360 360 340 W1 PCG.6PM / 600ml


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