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Anest Iwata AZ1

As a main distributor for Anest Iwata we can provide high quality equipment from the HTE and HIGH T.E.C. range of spray guns which help improve your paint finishing, reduce your painting costs and increase the profitability of your painting operation.

Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd - Anest Iwata Authorised Service Centre & Distributor

Product Description

Yorkshire Spray Services Ltd - Anest Iwata AZ1 HTE Concept

Anest Iwata AZ1 HTE Concept

Anest Iwata AZ1 HTE Concept Spray Gun – The AZ1 High Transfer range of pressure spray guns feature a newly designed range of air caps.

This new technology allows even less experienced sprayers to obtain high quality and consistent finishing.

These air caps develop a long and tulip shaped spray pattern with an extra fine particle distribution and very little overspray.

Ideal for commercial vehicle refinishing and all industrial paints.









Technical Data

Part No. Fluid Nozzle Size [mm] Air Pressure @ Gun Inlet [bar] Air Consumption [l/min] Fluid Output [ml/min] Fan Pattern [mm] Pot type / size
AZ1HTE210C 1 2.5 184 66 200 PCL.10B3
AZ1HTE213C 1.3 2.5 184 80 190 PCL.10B3
AZ1HTE215C 1.5 2.5 184 113 200 PCL.10B3
AZ1HTE218C 1.8 2.5 184 154 220 PCL.10B3
AZ1HTE220C 2 2.5 184 169 230 PCL.10B3
AZ1HTE225C 2.5 2.5 333 167 250 PCL.10B3
AZ1HTE230C 3 2.5 333 205 290 PCL.10B3
AZ1HTE235C 3.5 2.5 333 217 300 PCL.10B3


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